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 C.O.N.E. conferences create a bridge from mainstream to holistic practices in the areas of healthcare, education, juvenile justice, teaching and parenting.

We bring new Light to current practices that just do not seem to be working, and we share new approaches to dealing with the many labels being given to children.

A Children of the New Earth Conference includes: 

•    Keynote speakers exploring new visions for systems that serve us and work for everyone. 

•    Sessions for and by adults and children lead by adults and children including: "Sound Healing", "Labelling kids: time to try another approach.", "ADHD: what it is and what it isn't." alternative education, mental health, emotional health, parenting, teaching, juvenile justice.   

•    LIVE on stage Q & A forums with youth and leaders in education, and gender spectrum

•   an incredible talent showcase prepared, rehearsed and performed entirely by youth

•   Art cabin: three days of FREE art activities for ALL ages

NEW IN 2014

Post conference seminar with The Learning Tree School in Sacramento: Exploring New Possibilities In Education

Roundtable discussion focused on creating a home and resource center for foster children who have :aged-out "of the system


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The mission of the Children of the New Earth Conference is to provide a forum for exploring, redesigning and healing issues related to our relationships with youth as well as the systems that are supposed to serve them.

Children are to be heard, seen, acknowledged, honored, respected and understood as the geniuses they ALL are in their own unique way. 

We waive conference fees for ALL children up to the age of 18.

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